Back at Delta Cargo @KORD!

Hello ppl,

If you’re from Chicago then you’ll probably know about the infamous ORD spotting locations, one of these, is Delta Cargo, my personal favorite. It has been 9 months since I’ve been to Delta Cargo lol, so enjoy these photos from the location.


One of my all time favorite spotting locations!
This one is on my list.
Great pictures!

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Thank you! It’s quite a unique and iconic spot

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Amazing photos! Love the Emirates and the AA! 🤩


Why are KORD’s spotting areas infamous? Nice photos btw.

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I really enjoy the shots with the TR’s on. its insane to imagine the amount of engineering that goes into making a system that can withstand that much thrust, but is still able to move forward and aft on demand without failure. Great Pictures!


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Ahh I love this spot! I used to watch JaysO’HareAviation spotting videos and he was always at this spot. I love these photos!


The United Star Alliance is very might and only gets beaten by the Singapore Airlines White Star Alliance livery! Thanks for sharing those shots!

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My only and favorite spotting place at ORD is a runway view hotel room at Hilton😂

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Very nice shots!

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Great pictures! What kind of camera and lense do you use?

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I have a old Nikon D80 and I use a sigma 70-300mm lens

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