Back and Feelin’ Good!

Of course I will continue it here, I’m just going to add it to Instagram for a couple reasons listed above (didn’t feel like typing them again 😂)

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I was there where u were at one point not understanding why there were so many rules and i also had a ‘chat’ with a supervisor but then i humbled myself and i realized its not my community, in this case its not urs so u should also humble yourself learn from ur past mistake and realize its not your community and if u want to be on it u have to abide by the rules

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I appreciate your response, but I don’t need a life lesson, respectfully. I don’t really want to get into this conversation because this is the type of stuff that will get me suspended… So, I’ll leave you with “have a good day” 😊

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Thats what @Suhas meant by not being open minded :)

Some attitude. Anyways; hope you get the point, welcome back and enjoy!

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Hello, how are you welcome back- Blblblblblb

yes, still, welcome back open arms hands


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My attitude is none of your concern… Good day!!

I’m very open minded, but I will NOT take “life lessons” from the very people that didn’t understand my situation a month ago…

I understand that it’s not my community and I also understand the rules. However, I disagree with some of them and to eliminate that, I’m going to bring the series to Instagram. I don’t want to continue the discussion because I didn’t post to reminisce on that situation, but to develop my future!! Also, I am very humble. Where I’m from, I’m known for my character, maturity, and capability. It’s just that on the community, y’all push me to a level of anger and I have to respond in a childish manner 🤷🏾‍♂️

We are merely trying to look out for you best intentions bud. Any who happy to see you return and looking forward to hopefully a prosperous future! 🍻

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How about just ignore about what he said because yous just seem like your trying to get him mad again to say something 🙂


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