Back and Feelin’ Good!

What’s going on fam!! It’s been an extremely long month without being able to respond to folks on the community. If you didn’t know, I was suspended for using a foul exchange of words with some moderators and what not, resulting in me being suspended for a month. I’m back now, and better than when I left. Before I go any further, let it be clear that I still will NOT tolerate disrespect from ANYONE!! If need be, I will gladly use a particular choice of words and probably end up suspended again 😂😂 In other words, don’t try me lol. On another note, I’m glad to announce to you all that I have created an instagram page where I will be restarting the “Flying with Gordon” series!! I’m trying to stay on the 737 until KSLC is updated and I get to fly there. So, I’ll prbab only do 50 parts. Anyway, follow me on the gram @JGAviation. Now, before someone says it, I DID NOT STEAL MY NAME FROM JNGAviation 😂 we just so happen to have the same first and last initial lol. That’s enough talking for now, and make sure y’all go and follow me. As always, much love and appreciation ✊🏾❤️ See you in the skies!!



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Welcome Back!

It’s glad that you have learned from your mistakes.

See you around :)

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Welcome back!

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Nice to see you back! See you in the skies. 👍🏼

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Welcome back but i dont think u will want this to be ur first words back remember to make a good impression! Anyways once again welcome back :)


Let’s try to avoid that. Welcome back 😊


So you won’t continue your series here, i liked those :(

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I appreciate that, but I wouldn’t call it a mistake. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say 😉. But let’s not focus on that, and let’s have some fun 😁

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Thank you 😁

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I was wondering where you’ve been, glad to have you back

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Always good to be back!!

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Welcome back! Looking forward to some more ‘Flying with Gordon’ series photos.

As Marc said, it’s not a good idea to go about your daily life with this mindset. There’s a difference between “not tolerating disrespect” and not being open-minded. The purpose of a suspension is to give you time to think over your past conduct and think about how you can learn from your mistakes moving forward. Always remember that everyone here is here to help, and that making mistakes is okay (spoiler alert: everybody makes mistakes). If you ever feel disrespected, that’s what our moderators are here for! They’d be happy to help.

I look forward to seeing you return to the skies!


Oh come on… it was obviously a joke (or was it 🤷🏾‍♂️😂)

It was a joke, have some fun with it 😉

Honestly considering your record, I think it’s pretty hard to tell if it was a joke or not. But welcome back anyway!


Welcome back, so no more flying with Gordon series on the IFC. Damn I liked those:(

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Of course I will!! I’m just gonna add it to Instagram where I can have more pictures AND there won’t be as many rules (no offense 😬)

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Glad to be back 😊

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Respect others and they will respect u