Back after years, how to startup again?

Hey all!
After few years, I only recently remembered that this flight sim still exists lol!
I was an active member in the community years back. Anyways, I post here today to ask, what are the best ways to relearn everything? Has there been any major changes to the ATC system etc.

I believe it wouldn’t take me too long to figure out the sim again but would like a brief rundown on where to start from. Thanks!


Hi welcome back, we are all glad to see you again. A lot has happened since you have left, many updates, planes with live cockpits, UI changes and even center! I would recommend starting your first few flights on casual and training to understand how to use ATC again and make your way up to expert. I have attached the user guide take a good look through and once again, welcome back if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Happy Flying :)


Hi there! It’s glad to see you back! Check the user guide linked above and you should be fine! You can also look through the YouTube IF channel and scroll through the #ground-school Category.

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Hey there!

Welcome back!

If you haven’t already entered the game, if not got a subscription, you’ll notice a lot more aircraft, and a the Super Decathlon has been replaced with the XCub, which is a ton more fun, with the addition of way better aircraft quality, animations, and best of all, live cockpits on a range of aircraft! (A320s, A350, 737s, 777-200ER (and the other 777’s in progress), C172, TBM (great aircraft), XCub, and any other I can’t think of haha.

I’d just suggesting getting a sub if not already and re-explorign the world in the higher quality, better aircraft (there is also global 15 metre pixel scenery now)

Again, said above I’d highly suggest looking at the User Guide, so many things as a pilot and communicating with a controller has changed. If you haven’t noticed already the in-game User Interface/UI has completely changed.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I’m happy to help, or better, open up a topic here on the community! We’re all here to help as I’m sure you already know! 😄


Anyway, there is a new feature called “APU” but its only available on aircrafts with live cockpit, I just said this so you cant be confused of “why my engines cant start?”

Welcome back!

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