Back after a long vacation

Hia IFC, I think you have known me in the past. I have been gone for soooo long and i remembered you all. I was in Virginia visiting my family. and I had alot of schoolwork to do when I got back home. When i posted these 2 vids of United, this reminded me of you all. Well I’m glad to be back after a long journey. These vids were taken with my GoPro HERO 7 I got in my birthday. Go check them out!


I remember you! Great to have you back! Nice videos BTW, love the 737-800 takeoff. 🤙

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great post. but maybe #real-world-aviation would be better for this post

It would be but its kinda off topicish…

Just a suggestion. Welcome back btw

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Hey welcome back! :D hope you had a great stay wit your family.

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Have you heard of the upcoming 737 and A-10 update? It’s hopefully coming very, (very) Soon! You can PM me for all the features. I put a list down

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