Back after a 2 years break what's new

i am happy to say i am back to this game after 2 years of not playing it , what’s new my friends

A lot. Most important, 3D airports were added to the simulator, and also the ability to have anyone edit the airports was recently added by @DeerCrusher.

Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application

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misha and balloonchaser left

I’m an ATC supervisor


Oh yeah.

Goodbye Misha

a330 rework an d a220 release and upcoming ejet rework upcoming. FA-18 rework

Taxiway lights and working Ground Vehicles

I knew misha left but balloonchaser as well?

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Jack Frankie (Balloonchaser) and I go to the same college. He’s been VERY busy with a club he joined to represent his freshman class.

I revived myself on this game and here (no one cares)


Welcome back! I have linked some Updates that you have missed so far this year! Also, 3D Buildings came in 21.1! New A330-300! New A220-200! (All of that was in 2021!)

Glad to see you back on the IFC! See you around!

Don’t forget the 777 family rework, and also the 757-200

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