Back after 2 years

Hello, I am HYPER, and i´d like to welcome myself back into the community after 2 years. around 2 years ago. I was banned from the community for being underage. while I will admit I was 12 then, im 14 and a half now and still chasing aviation just as fast as I was before! I cannot wait to see what new changes the community has made since I was gone!


Welcome back

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welcome back indeed! I see someone else from dfw area :D

Yep me and infinite flight dfw are working on something that will benefit all people from the DFW area

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Welcome back @HYPER its great to have you back now 😀

Welcome back, we hope you are enjoying all the new changes since you left. Enjoy 😊

Welcome back! I see you’re from Dallas 👀 that’s cool 👍

Wow lotta people from Dallas here 👀

Yes there are

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Welcome back ✈️

Welcome back

I am from the HOU area!

@Speedbird2276Heavy HurricaneTown just kidding

Good to see you back man!

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