Babybus to jfk

I flew the Airbus a318 from London city airport to New York John F Kennedy airport. The flight took around eight hours long due the headwinds and the cruise speed of mach 0.78. When the Concorde has retired, the Airbus a318 started using the Callsign of the concord. This A318 has a full business class configuration. Normally they stopped at Shannon for some fuel because they couldn’t depart from London city airport with full fuel, but I flew to New York without a stopover.

Information about the flight;

• Server: expert server
• Aircraft: Airbus a318-100
• Livery: British airways
• Route: EGLC-KJFK
• Callsign: Speedbird 1
• Altitude: fl380 - fl400
• Speed: mach 0.78
• Flight time: 7 hours and 48 minutes


Lining up.


Above Wales.

Entering the oceanic track.

Above Goose bay.

New York JFK airport and an a318.

Butter landing.


Tomorrow I’ll post a topic about a flight from Dublin to Reykjavik in the Aer Lingus B757.


nice, classic route - btw the maximum cruise altitude of the A318 is 39000ft (FL390).


Thank you! I think that’s the service ceiling for the 319 and 320 and 321, I think for the 318 it is fl410.

I’ve just double checked and yes the entire A320 family is 41000ft - I have a strange feeling that has changed because I’m pretty sure the 318 used to be 39000ft but oh well.

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So, how much fuel did you have when you landed at KJFK?

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I’m definitely doing this

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I don’t know, I did this flight a while ago.

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Whenever I see a ‘Babybus’ it makes me think that it is an April fools joke because it always looks so ridiculous to me. 😂


Did you land at Shannon on the way over to New York?

Said in the post above

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I always fill it up both ways and land with 5-6 tons usually

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Surprised it went this far

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Aww look at da lil baby so cute 😜.

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man its a shame BA retired the babybus last year, what a flight!

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