Baby Born on Jetstar Asia Flight

Unusual news… This baby was named ‘Jet Star’ after being born on Jetstar Asia flight 3K583 on 22 April 2016. “We’re most pleased to announce that a baby boy, named Saw Jet Star, was delivered safely onboard 3K583 by a team of doctors and the crew after the flight landed in Yangon on Friday, 22 April 2016. Both mother and son are in good health and have been discharged from the local hospital in Yangon. The baby boy weighed six pounds, seven ounces and is the FIRST baby to be delivered on a Jetstar Asia flight and we will be contributing SGD1,000 worth of baby supplies to the family. The Jetstar crew on board 3K583 led by Customer Service Manager, Mr Saw Ler Htu exercised utmost care and concern for the passenger, calling for medical assistance on board the aircraft when required. Jetstar would also like to commend the three medical doctors for stepping in to provide the medical support.”


I mentioned this before in one of your posts I think… lol

I don’t remember seeing it anywhere :/

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Wow…I knew it was bound to happen.

@13yearoldpilot Wow you knew…? 😂

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Genius… One is your subsidiary VA, one is your Rangoon 😂

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I saw this a few weeks ago. I’m sorry, but why would someone name their child after an airline? I know that the crew did a good job in helping to deliver the baby, but why not just name your child something personal that has meaning? Just my opinion.


Ikr? The surname makes it even more funnier!

Saw Jet Star

I saw Jet Star!! 😂


I didn’t know, but I figured a baby would be born on a commercial flight.

They named the baby after the doctor’s first name and the airline

I think that clashes with the naming style of people

The first name is always that of the father’s, probably the doctor happened to have a same surname?

If the mother decided to deviate from the naming style, then it’s 100% out of the world!

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Hmm… It’s actually quite rare seeing how airlines have restrictions on expectant women…

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This happened on a Southwest Airlines flight, too.

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My dad was on a PeopleExpress (defunct 80’s airline) 727, and the same thing happened. Shame that he wasn’t an OB/GYN yet.

What’s an OB? I’m guessing that GYN means Gynecologist


An Obstetrician. They deliver babies. My dad has done it over 5,000 times.

Really ?!?! Wow

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You mai basket hor my rep for JSA lol

The mother also gila… Saw Jet Star… Walao LOL

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Sorry sorry boss

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