Baba's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EGSS

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone, I’ve been thinking about it for a while and now the time has come, I’m officially in my Radar Training, my first real session is this Monday but I want to be able to improve a few things before that, I hope you could help me!

— Status —

OPEN - Opened at 2021-09-26T19:00:00Z

— Airport —

EGSS - London Stansted

— Frequency —


— Runways —

  • Landing : 22
  • Departure : 22


Only 2-3 planes for the start
Provide a feedback at the end of the session

Participant attend
Pilot Frequence Aircraft

This thread have been approved by my trainer @Antoine_Turrian

Hope to see you in numbers !


Hi! I’m coming! :)

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Thanks a lot Andy!

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Of course! ;)



I open EGSS - Approach in 25 if i can have 2/3 pilot it would be awesome, thanks man!

@Baba happy to join

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i will spawn in, take off and be in the local area. call me on guard when ur on frequency

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callsign Jigsaw44

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Sure thanks a lot mate!

Opened (character limit)

Only ILS @Jack_BC.

lmao ok. i was like bruh why is he denying a visual lmao. i’ll re spawn

I’ve now closed, thanks for coming in by the way!

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I will use this thread back for some session on the training server, keep a close eye if you want to participate.


LEPA | Palma de Mallorca Airport

The goal here is to see how do I manage aircraft when it comes to parallel runway with a bit of terrain.

Approach Closed

To much people and that is not helping me at all.

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