Baba's ATC Tracking Thread | [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL - IFATC]

Hello everyone,

After having asked someone to advise me about joining IFATC, I decided to do an ATC session at Brussels Airport today so that I can see with your feedback if I am managing an airport well. The goal of this tracking thread is really to know if i can be able to manage airport correctly, it’s can be good that at then end of your passage at my airport to live a feedback then i can take that in count for the next one !


EBBR - Brussels Airport


  • Landing : 01
  • Departure : 07L / 07R

  • Pattern Work Allowed
  • Light Aircraft Allowed
  • Follow ATC Instructions

Participant attend
Pilot Frequence Aircraft Working On
@EvannL Ground/Tower B757 Pattern Work
@fly.akm Ground/Tower C172 Pattern Work
@Marquatzi TBA TBA TBA

Hope to see you in numbers !


Wow amazing ATC thread, good luck with your IFATC Journey, Baba. Can’t wait to see you in the team soon, if you need any pilots tag me and I will try my best to go to your session! :D


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Thanks Andy, will do.
Can’t wait too ^^


I’ll make sure to come to do some patterns!

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Thanks @fly.akm, you think to take wich plane ?

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C172! I’ve been flying a lot of GA recently and it’s lots of fun!

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Sounds good, thanks for coming !

I fly a lot from Brussels Airport, I can’t wait to see you on expert server. Good luck mate !

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Great work on the thread @Baba! I will surely come as soon as I get time.

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Sounds good, thanks !

Thanks a lot, i can’t wait too, hope i will passed ^^

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Feel free to tag me when you’re open!

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Thanks, i will do !

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Please tag next!

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I’ve to tag your for my next Sessions, right ?

If you want :)

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Sure, i will do ! ^^

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Take Off

07L / 07R

These is the RWY that are in use right now at EBBR



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I can’t make it now, sorry! Maybe in an hour or so!

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Don’t worry, i will stay connected for more than an hour

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