BA9275 Repositioning Flight

I have always enjoyed watching British Airways reposition their aircraft from Gatwick to Heathrow, and I have never thought to do it until today, so here’s a few pictures:)

The short hop only took about 12 minutes from departure to takeoff and we made a right turn heading 060 until near south east London, then making a left turn going 270 to line up on a final with Heathrow’s 27L.

Callsign: Speedbird 9275
Aircraft: A320-232
Livery: Chatham Dockyard

Departure out of 26L LGW

Above South East London

Final adjustments to line up with 27L and slowing down our aircraft

Seconds away from touchdown…

Lovely jubbly, a smooth touchdown into Heathrow

Taxiing to the gates south of T5

Coming to our final stop into the Gate

Hope you enjoyed the pictures:) Let me know what your favourite one is and why:)