BA777s observations, livery problems and a serious complain

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Before than anything please read carefully and leave your emotions aside to avoid aggressive discussions, feel free to say your opinions!

I know I know, this has been discussed a lot of times but I think it’s time to make a possible solution to this, most of you r gonna argue with the “ThIs Is A smALL DetAil” and this is not the case, British airways is a really popular airline on the sim, I think 99% of the users has used the airline at least 1 time, IF has been adding the BA livery through many many aircrafts, (some more accurate than others) in terms of liveries, British Airways has a big amount of aircrafts such as the A320 family, 737-800, E190, A380, 747-400, 787-9, 787-10, 777-200ER, 777-300ER, CRJ-700, 757-200, 767-300, Crj-700, DC-10.

*So what’s the case?*

We’ve always see livery issues when it comes to old aircrafts, something that is completely justified by the time they were made, but something that really shocked me was the new 777, with a lot of messed up liveries and the one of the worsts ones is the BA777-300ER the tail and the blue belly lines are completely messed up!

Someone has already point this, you can see it here British Airways 777 livery issue

And respect to the person who made it but c’mon it doesn’t look good at any angle, some of you would fly it perfectly fine but this details make the difference between a serious good-quality simulator to be a cheap looking simulator, I don’t think there’s an excuse for this constant livery issues, there’s people in this community that would love to spend their time to make/edit liveries with the team but this was already answered for being impossible for the moment but for poor material? Again, there’s people in this community that are experts in photoshop or they are incredible artists, thousands of plane spotters that have in depth images of the aircrafts and their liveries, of course they could get the enough material to make an accurate livery.

many people has been reporting livery issues and a lot of them were answered with the “we’re gonna fix this” and never were fixed or were completely ignored.

I think it’s gonna be huge difference if this things are taking into account,
A good example is of how ugly the BA773ER livery looks is by this comparison.

This was the old 777 (way more accurate)

This is real life

The new 777…

And I know, perfection is not everything, but if we think it well, is incredibly important, because tell me something, what’s the case to have new reworked aircrafts if the liveries are gonna look bad, or what will be the case to have 3D buildings and clouds if the aircraft itself doesn’t looks accurate, you see my point?

I think IF needs to take time into the making of accurate liveries, I prefer to have 10 accurate liveries than 30 that looks from roblox (with my whole respect), I know the difference of quality into livery making better than a lot of people on this community since I’ve been using the sim almost when it was created, I have more info about this here if you don’t believe me Old Infinite Flight Players - #17 by BostonStrongWill

I hope to not be the only one who thinks the livery quality has been decreasing since the A350, to the point that there’s people making hundreds of topics surrounding livery issues, and this is not an attack to the 3D artists or devs, but guys (IF team) this community are always gonna support you on anything and this complain is not for being rude or something like that, is for let you see that we only want to make IF the best out there and we’ll always be happy to help.

That being said I appreciate your time for reading this, if you want to message with me do it I have no problem 😉


I do agree. Couple times since October I have made a review for IF on Apple and gave them 4 stars cause of this. I think we have bigger livery issues such as CX 77W and KLM Orange pride 77W. But I do agree

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To me, the new 77W and real world liveries look almost identical, with the only difference being that your in-game photo was taken with the sun reflecting on it, whilst the real world photo was taken on a gloomy, cloudy day (most likely typical of London based on what @Ecoops123 and @Tsumia complain about in a PM of mine). Perhaps you could explain what needs to be fixed rather than just showing a photo?

And to your point that the “devs” don’t pay attention to livery mistakes, might I point out that they fixed the China Southern 757, Uzbekistan 757, and United 757 within due time of the update after constructive criticism was given in regard to what needed to be fixed. Obviously the developers and staff are aware of the feedback from the community, but sometimes they have priorities that come before livery issues (server issues, performance issues, etc.).

With all that being said, I still don’t know what exactly is wrong or needs to be fixed with the tail, as it looks fine to me, especially considering it was painted from scratch (and the fact that this is a mobile flight simulator).


I don’t know if it is just me, but I cannot see any glaring issue with the tail. Furthermore, your comparisons are not correct - G-YMMA (pictured in real life) is a B772, whilst G-STBJ and G-STBA, pictured in app, are B77W


The tail has to be fixed, the BA livery on the -200ER doesn’t look any similar to the -300ER

And in real life both aircrafts share the exact same colors and livery on the tail.

There’s other mobile simulators with accurate liveries, the fact that this is a mobile sim is not an excuse, they can make them perfectly fine, and the devs are not always the ones who make the liveries.

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What’s wrong with the tail? Is one color, shape, or shade incorrect? Saying “it has to be fixed” doesn’t really help your case here…

I’ll check it out, but frankly, it looks fine to me.



Okay, so here’s the 777-200ER and 777-300ER, respectively. They both look completely fine to me, the 777-300ER is just a tad darker because…well…paint over time fades away. Just some wear and tear, nothing drastic to be honest.


I personally think that there are like ten thousand other things most of us here would rather see in this simulator and hope the developers are working hard on than these teeny tiny minuscule little details that affect the simulator in almost no way. Like I can’t even believe you wrote an entire novel about this lol


Look at this image, it was from the old 777s

The -200Er next to two -300ERs

The livery is the same like RL does, and if you look the images you post con can’t deny they’re way far from being similar

And paint over time fades away? That’s RL not IF

The image in question does look as if it has been edited. A lot of times, the colour accuracy will look different depending on the screen your device uses… They both look completely fine to me on a 100% sRGB calibrated display 🤷

This is just my opinion but I think it’s grand as it is. At least the BA livery is featured is what I have to say to this. Maybe it’s not the most perfect thing; but it’s fine as it is.

You can try it now, look for the -300 and -200 and you’ll see both tails are way different

I’m going to assume that you didn’t read my comment about “wear and tear”?

I think you should be grateful that you have the livery to fly at least rather than having no livery at all.


I do, but if it’s already on the sim it’ll be more easy to fix them 👍

That’s not how the developing process works.

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If you think this is a Novel I guess you don’t read that much.

Yea exactly. I’m sure they will improve liveries and add more details once project metal is done and stuff.

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I like attention to detail, but this just takes attention to detail that bit further.

The kind that annoys me and makes me laugh, they do try their best!


Yes but what I’m trying to say is nothing is going to be perfect. We should appreciate what we have rather than picking out a minor detail “the paint is 3cm too long” while people out here are flying “Generic” livery’s around because their livery is missing.


BA have like so many liveries in game anyway who cares, and if you look closely on every 777 they have in real life I can assure you they aren’t identical all of the time! In which I mean tiny details like the ones you have shown?

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