BA481 - LHR-BCN (return) photos.

Hi all,

I recently flew LHR-BCN and return and wanted to share some photos from the flight with you.

Seats 1D/F 💺 CE

Let me know what you think.





British Airways A320 landing at LHR.

British Airways A320 Decent into LHR.


Loving that OneWorld 747!

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Nice stuff, however I don’t like how 2 pictures are tilted 😬
But very nice anyways!

Best pics you got there!

That first 777 had been there a while! Saw it while flying LHR-CDG a few days ago. I’m back in London already though.

I really like that OneWorld BA 747 did anyone requested it?

How was the ‘new and improved’ Club Europe service? Because it has actually been downgraded on flights that are not classed as ‘long’ surprisingly!

It wasn’t too bad to be fair. The lounges were nice. Food wasn’t great, id say it was like an Easyjet toastie on a plate.

The seats were much wider, and leg space was lush. Other than that, it was the same as Euro Traveller but with a curtain…

Would you say it’s worth the extra money for such a short flight?

That’s not good! Must have not been classed as a ‘long’ flight, I’m flying CE to Faro and back in the Summer however that’s classed as long, so fingers crossed catering is ‘improved’! The only issue is that I’m not in row 1 but row 2 so legroom will be a problem for me as now BA have similar legroom to Ryanair! @LouDon16

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I would say that paying the extra money to get them Row 1 seats are where the real value comes from. The leg room behind didn’t quite meet the normal standard expected from Business Class cabins.


Seats were wider? I’ve never seen that before in CE, and I’ve flown BA a number of times recently. Of course, there are blocked B and E seats, but you get the same width in CE as you do in ET I believe. You get a whopping 1" extra compared to ET as well…😏

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Im not saying with any fact they were, but I would say they felt a lot wider. Maybe that was me just trying to justify the cost in my head! haha

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