BA2256 - BA's 62-Mile B777 hop across the Caribbean

According to, on May 1st, British Airways will begin operating one of the shortest B777 flights in the world: the 62-mile, 17 minute long hop between the islands of St. Kitts and Antigua in the Caribbean!! This is a very unique flight, so let’s get into it!



Server: Expert
Callsign: BA2256
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Distance: 62 miles
Duration: 0:17


Loading up at the gate at St. Kitts for the short hop East.

Lining up for takeoff on runway 25. Let’s go!

Climbing out of St. Kitts after a short 18-second takeoff roll!

5 minutes into the flight, we’ve reached our cruising altitude of 9,000 feet!

Only 9 minutes after departure, we’ve begun our descent. The island of Antigua can be seen in the distance.

Flaps down over the sunny beaches of Antigua


Parked at the gate in Antigua, preparing for the long flight back across the pond to London!

Thanks for reading and learning about this unique flight! If you want to fly it in real life, you can book it for only $65! 😄


Oh I’ve done this route too after coming in from London and I saw the BA 777 in St Kitts last march before covid hit and I was on Spring Break down there.

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sorry to be a party pooper but this isnt new

I know that, my bad. Let me rephrase then. They will be “restarting” this flight.

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Regardless of whether it is new or not, its a great route, as are all of BA’s Fifth freedoms in the Caribbean. Love the photos too

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Very nice photos @mile.high.aviation!

Great photos! I especially liked the 4th one.