BA2159 EGKK-TLPL flight

Hi everyone! This is my flight from EGKK (Gatwick) to TLPL (St Lucia) from before Christmas.
Flight time: 08:40
Aircraft: Boeing 777-236ER around 21 years old
Cruise: FL360/FL380

At the gate at around 09:30 after a very boring couple of hours in the Airport with everything being closed due to Covid

Views of two Easy Jet A320s from seat 15K

Rotate from 26L

Cruising at FL360 before a quick climb to FL380 presumably to avoid weather

Beautiful sunset decent into the Caribbean

Beautiful approach to RW10 and a very smooth touchdown

American A321 and Jet Blue A321

Thanks for Watching it was a wonderful holiday
I hope you enjoyed and tell me which photo was your favourite!


That was a very impressive flight you took there. It’s Amazing

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Thanks I appreciate it!

Awesome photos! Looks like it was a very fun flight!

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Yeah, despite one of my longest flights, also one of my most enjoyable. Love BA!

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I would like to try this flight in IF!!

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Yep it’s a really beautiful approach and after we landed in St Lucia, the flight actually goes on the 20 flight to Grenada or St Kitts (so 2 beautiful approaches)

Don’t really know why, but I love looking at airplanes while waiting for boarding. Theres something relaxing about that❤ picture 8 is my favorite

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I 100% agree with you. Especially at Heathrow just because of the range of aircraft and liveries

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How Much cost the flight I want to go🤣. Your pictures are very amazing. I want to take this flight

its not a particularly expensive flight but once you get there, there are so many beautiful hotels and resorts

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Come here in barbados lol, its probabaly may more better 🤪

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😡😡😡 St Lucia is superior

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o.o n to the ooooo

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