Ba1208 kjfk - egll photos

I Flew, JFK (Departing RWY31L) to LHR (Arriving RMY27L) last night with BA1208. Some stunning views along the way and a marvellous sunrise over chilly England this morning. Here are some of the photos I captured along the way, Flight time was 5hrs36.
Flown on Expert Server
Includes SimBrief FLTPLN

I hope you guys like these, I hope to do more in the future.



Great photos. Make sure to move the topic to screenshots and videos.

Hey, Pretty sure I’ve already made that the tag!
Not sure why it’s not popping up as that? Few strange things I’m working out like why it won’t allow Capitals in the Title?

Did someone say EGLL?

It is very good to make some new startings.🆙️

After EGLL-EHAM (El Classico) you have very nice photos.🅿️

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