BA100 Event pictures

Hello IFC, as some of you know BAVA (British Airways VA) Hosted the BA100 Event today, and I participated in it, I got to fly from FACT-EGLL in the Queen of the skies, the distance was just under 5400NM. There were over 70 people either on the ground on inbound for landing EGLL, with no ATC;) It was an amazing event non the less.
Parked at FACT

Pushed back on my way to 01 for takeoff

Taking off 01 inbound for EGLL

Just after takeoff made a left turn then a right turn.

Just a little snapshot while cruising

The last two were on ground where over 20+ aircraft that participated in the event were sitting at the gate.


I also enjoyed this event! Great pictures!

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Beautiful pictures! 🤩

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Holy cow! The third and fourth pictures are amazing. I love the 747, KAUS is fortunate enough to have daily BA 747 service! I enjoy that route in IF- you should try it! Something different ;)


Love British Airways 747 awesome pics buddy 👍🏽😉

Woah! Amazing photos!

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Awesoms pics of the Queen! That must have been a good event!

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