BA to offer WiFi onboard Short Haul Fleet

As described British Airways will add WiFi to their short haul fleet. Do we think that it is going to prop up BA at a tough time?


Likely won’t be free.


I hope they add it to the Saab 2000. But it’s owned by eastern so it’s unlikely.




hopefully @IceBlue :)

In-flight wi-fi can be pretty good at the right price to discourage everyone from buying but pricing it low enough so that 100% of available bandwidth is purchased and utilized in a usable manner. Increased competition is lowering pricing for in-flight internet access by quite the margin. I remember paying USD 35 for 50MB of data on SQ a few years ago, now I pay CAD 8.99 for 3 hours of unlimited throughput on WS. Same infrastructure (GSO satellite), drastically different price.


Oh, how kind of them! I still prefer a meal instead of WI-FI on a plane …


I’ll take the wifi so I can IF Forum while flying.

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Delta’s wifi was good enough for me to connect to the expert server in flight. I saw a few people take out their debit cards mid flight and then my connection got slow.

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Norwegian offer free wifi on their 737-800s (at least on my flight a few months ago), it’s not the fastest but it’s good. Unsure if they do on their 787s too, probably though.

Wow BA was know for their premium service and only now they are adding WiFi. I honestly find it sad that BA is losing that touch of there

I find it quite amazing that some people can’t go without the internet while flying through the sky at 800km/h, flying is an amazing technical feat yet some people just have to have internet wherever they go

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“I don’t believe there are many people making flight decisions based on availability of wi-fi,” said Mr Calder.

Intresting, a very different perspective compared to what SAS and what i understand BA also thinks (based on their strategy to also offer satelite wifi (“high speed”?)). If you can provide a 12mbit bandwith per passenger then sure, i think that would be a decision maker for alot. Biggest market is business related travel. As it is now there are few airlines that provide Wifi in europe and the bandwith are generally poor which means you are limited on what you can do work related which means the time you spend on Short-mid haul flight is time you cant be productive in all the cases.

It would also attract the “Holiday travelers”. Todays streaming technology e.g. Netflix, spotify etc, you have basically ulimited acces to music, movies series and more. You dont have to relay on the onboard entertainment which are not everytime updated with the newest content or what you like. I belive it is not only a better service but aswell a more ecnomical solution for airlinecompanys compared to equip the cabin with an onboard entertainment and what service grade it can provide.

In the future if the bandwith are getting better i think this solution is the one also lowcost airlines will provide compared to installing screens in the seat and only provide in flight entertainment service electronically to your own pc, pad, phone or other device. there are already some airlines doing this, but without internet access.

If I had to choose between Norwegian and Easyjet but Norwegian was slightly more expensive with WiFi i would choose norwegian


We must. Not everyone is an AVGeek.


I seriously doubt it will be free… the huge radar thing (not sure about the specific name) they put on top will sure as hell consume a lot of fuel.

It’s designed to where it likely burns less than an extra gallon or two per hour.

It still burns a lot of fuel.

look BA is trying to appeal to low-cost travellers they might try to steal some norwegian flyers away from norwegian lets see what happens

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