BA Retrojet (and others) @ Edinburgh

Taking another few hours out of my day to go spotting at Edinburgh again with @Luke_Kelly. Fun times.

We saw the last remaining BA retrojet was coming in from London and thought we would pop over to get a shot of it. A few other nice aircraft also made an appearance.

Landing Long!

Departure into the afternoon sun

HOP in from CDG. Rainbow!

Private to Farnborough

Hi @Moritz

Saaby dabby doo daa

For those who don’t edit photos, this is the power of editing, even at a basic level:


Haha I’m first simps

Nice shots, Misha, take me to Edinburgh with you please.


R A I N B O W 🌈

Nice shots. 😊

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Misha spotted a french plane

happy Robertine noises

Could you tell me what camera you used to shoot these?

Canon 760D / EFS 55-270mm


Oh my, amazing photos! The contrast on the BA A319 departure is amazing!

Thank you!

No like 6 second pans this time though 😢

I know those were some in post but it was a really well done effect. That’s definitely not to say these aren’t good though, really like these, good catch with the rainbow. Looks like your joining the spotting club 🤭

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Picture of the retro jet - Clean image and beautiful to look at 😍

Well I don’t know much about cameras compared to editing software, but I’ll get there lol



Misha was the one that started it all ;)

Misha spent many months in France from 2017-2019 so has an affinity with the HOP aircraft. They’re cute

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Does Misha have pictures of the planes in france?

Misha this is cool. The BA retrojet livery looks really nice.

Well I’m going to say that the pans you had last time were downright impossible off the sensor, so editing knowledge is way more important for something like that. Firstly you’d need the worlds steadiest hands, then the perspective on the plane would chance so much in that time it would probably be blurry regardless of how well you pan it. The editing trick is super convincing though, it looked really good. Your camera skills seem to be at worst well above average too so sure improvement is always good but I wouldn’t worry about it. Your pretty good at this whole spotting thing. Especially your editing, that picture at the end is a really good turn around.

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Totally forgot to add this one at first. Such a cool AC


Yeah, loads (unless I deleted them). I flew to CDG on the RJ from LCY back in 2019 which was sick. Sunset landing avoiding thunderstorms

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Sure does! Shame the others are all gone now

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Ah how could you forget the jewel of Scotland, honestly those plaid ties and skirts that the Loganair crew wear are so elegant and a really nice touch. I really like the juxtaposition between the partly cloudy skies, and the dark cumulonimbus, which really encapsulates the weather of Scotland, all you need now is some cold rain haha!

Would you mind sharing them? : >