BA Retro Livery Grounded in Austin

Hello! I recently flew to Chicago midway to see family from Austin. It was a great trip. We saw the BA 744 on the ground when we were going. However, on the drive home, we passed like the cargo/maintenance area, and sitting there was the BA 744 in the landor retro livery! It flew here a couple of days ago. However, upon research on FR24, I found that on the 25th, it was supposed to go to London, but they canceled it because of some meaintenance issue. So here are my questions. Now that we have an extra 744 just sitting here in austin, how will they get it back to London?! Will they just fly it empty and have the normal flight go on? (Btw normal ba190 flights are still continuing). Also, I don’t think that Austin has the equipment to service a 747. They might, but idk. Unfortunately I couldn’t take the picture in time, but if you look of BA190 on FR24 and go to flight history and then to May 25, you will see. Also, I have pics from when we saw it on the ground, but I’ll post those in another topic.
Feel free to share your thoughts below!


that’s not good for you and all the others

Link on what? Sorry

So usually in these situations… British Airways will send maintenance people over to Austin on one of their next flights. Boeing might send people and equipment as well as I believe that have contracted services with airlines.

Now in terms of what kind of maintenance it needs, I am not sure. But you can probably look on and ask there or search for this incident and usually people know people who know exactly what’s happening


Oh sorry! I’ll put a FR24 link give me a sec

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No you can leave it here as you are asking a general question… 🙄


Here’s a screenshot

I believe my home can Handel it, but we’ve just built a international terminal. I think that with that came the training and equipment for the A380 if necessary, but we only get the 747 in the summer and at Christmas time, so maybe BA will fly mechanics in.

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Cool! I live in austin too, it’s also my home😉

Great @Suhas. Glad to see a fellow Austinite

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