BA redeployment of A318 likely

Soon British Airways will reduce the the planes on the LCY >>> JFK route by 50% (from 2 to 1). They are also saying they are looking to potentially redeploy it.

They haven’t indicated where this redeployment may be, here is hoping it is another USA destination.


What is up with BA today!
First no more complimentary food!
Secondly there taking away half the fleets A318s!
I really liked these planes! Never flown on one but I think it’s cool that an A318 can fly transatlantic flights with only business class!
I’ll have to start flying more LLC liveries in the game over BA and change my username and profile pic if BA keep this up.


Tough competition on the route.

Exactly what I have been thinking; the interiors look awesome.

What’s the point of flying BA long haul? All you get is a pack of crisps for ‘free’… why not fly Easyjet?


Its a business class only aircraft… and even long haul in Economy with BA you still get a full meal service


True. I was just talking about the new BOB on short haul.

I hope they decide to come to Boston.

is boston a major business hub?

I would say so.

I think they might struggle to place it somewhere. I would hate to see it leave LCY :/

If they do redeploy the A318, they may activate it for a route in Europe primarily one with a major business hub. I’m rooting for a US route though.

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Oh yeh :/ would be such a waste though but I guess that is more logical to have it redeployed to a European hub.

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I don’t know really…I sort of want to see a route going east as in Dubai, Doha or Bahrain but it’ll be interesting to see what they do with it.

They do it all the time with the A318’s, they increase it in summer and decrease it in winter. But it appears that they are getting rid of Speedbird 3 and 4… :(

Not until the price of oil goes up, and that has its own inherent problems.

Boston is absolutely worthy of consideration.


That would be a good route.

It’s not about how nice the plane is / how fascinating. British Airways is an enterprise and needs to make money. Any company that wants to succeed needs to think about profit and not how “nice looking” the plane is.

Even if Boston isn’t chosen, I think Philly of DC would also be great options. Any major northeast city would be perfect since it’s a large business hub in the US.

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Reasonably, how much further could the A318 actually make it than it already does?