BA - LGW A319 Fleet

I’ve been on a few of the LGW based BA A319 recently and the last 2 have been ex bmi birds which still had bmi seats, cabin dividers and carpets which all go un-noticed by the non geeks among us, but what wasn’t changed was the logo on the cabin crew control screen at the front of the cabin which after take off had a full screen bmi logo showing for most of the flight. Wouldn’t BA want brand continuity and have these things changed?

Strange… Maybe they haven’t got around to changing it yet, as those A319s are workhorses!

How long ago did BA eat up BMI? I forget these non-US merger dates. If the planes were recent, then BA could be waiting for a heavy maintenance check to replace the old fixtures. Plane could stay in service longer and make for $ or £ in this case.

However, sometimes airlines don’t always replace everything from the previous owner (TWA branding still in certain AA MD80s, etc.).

It must have been a couple years by now. 2012/13 I think.