BA LCY-JFK or La Compagnie LTN-EWR

  • La Compagnie LTN-EWR

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All though BA’s babybus has its charm, to me any 757 is in a league of its own.

Both LCY and JFK are generally a bit more central if you are a Business Travler rather than Stanstead and Newark…

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Ahh, I see… you’re not of a Boeing 757 fanbase!

Aircraft wise I prefer the boings, but if I was flying on either of those routes it would be for work so LCY TO JFK for me. Also as you do immigration at Shannon when you refuel so nice and quick once you get to the USA! However as its only a ’ 6 hr’ flight I don’t get to go business class!

Would love to fly a B757, not done that yet!!

Get me on an A318 any day. Exotic plane, luxurious outfitting, “exotic” LCY, sitting among the giants at JFK in a small domestic… I’m sold


It’s Luton, not Stansted.

Luton is even harder to get too than Stanstead ;-)

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