BA Launching New A380 and 787-9 Service to Boston

The launch of BA’s A380 service is expected to begin in February and end in March. A380 service will operate 4 times weekly replacing some of the current 747-400s. There is also a new 787-9 service that will replace the current 777-200ER. This is a very exciting time for Boston-Logan because it’s the first official A380 service to begin.

This is the service as of now (arrivals from London):

  • BA 747-400 @ ~1700Z
  • BA 777-200ER @ ~2300Z
  • BA 747-400 @ ~0000Z
  • BA 777-200ER @ ~0130Z

When the new service starts (arrivals from London):

  • BA 747-400/A380-800 @ ~1700Z (new)
  • BA 777-200ER @ ~2300Z (unchanged)
  • BA 747-400 @ ~0000Z (unchanged)
  • BA 787-9 @ ~0130Z (new)

I’m really hoping to catch a glimpse of the new equipment but during that time, school will be in session and it’ll be winter time, so I might not have the opportunity to do so, but I will try! :)


Looks like they gave me a higher change to travel on boeing

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4 flights per day to Boston? Damn

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That’s just for BA. There’s 6 flights daily to Boston from London. Delta and Virgin Atlantic are the other 2.

But you may want to take a peak at JFK, I’m pretty sure there’s like 10 flights daily to and from London.

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Hopefully you can get out there for the flights on days off, the cold winter air is excellent for spotting.

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JFK has so many scheduled daily flights to and from London with Delta, American, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic. One of those is actually a Virgin Atlantic B789.

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I’m going on the Virgin B789 to JFK in October. Can’t wait!

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If you come in for 22L or 22R I’ll see your plane

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That is a lot, at Philadelphia BA only has 2 flights from PHL-LHR (and back)
777-200ER/(787-9 sometimes) ~19:30Zulu
787-8/(787-9 or 777-300ER occasionally) ~ 2:25Zulu

Looks like BA cancelled their A380 service change to Boston. Apparently, Massport says the new gates won’t be done on time as scheduled.


Update: BA has relaunched A380 service to Boston starting in late March. BA has also launched 789 service on the 1st of October but will end in late March, switching back to the 772.

Information from:

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