BA CONFIRMS the retirement of the 747

After a big COVID19 pandemic, BA have retired the 747 and all of them will be sent to the boneyard. If you have not heard here is a link that proves this.

this is very sad and we should all pay respects to this brilliant airplane
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))):::: I knew this was coming but I never wanted to believe it

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are you kidding?
first KLM
the virgin alt
then Qantas

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Gutted. Loosing the Virgin Atlantic 744s were bad enough. There’s going to be a lot less 744s in the UK now…

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Hi1 You can read more here :)

It is very sad to see the Queen leave the BA fleet. I probably will not have a chance to fly on one now. :(

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if you’re wondering, this is my profile picture temporarily. To pay respect to this aircraft

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No, I’m soo emotional, I’ll try to catch the last flight.

Nooooo!!! Ive flown in the B747 BA so much times and even done the Flight sim at Heathrow (with Ba work experience). this is very bad I probably won’t fly the B747 again now : (

Some of the best pics off

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Don’t mean to burst bubble but…

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Yes but it was changed before this was created (6 hours before)

Well the mods allowed it so lets just leave at this

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Yeah ok then just wanted to inform

Sad times ,i always wanted to go on a BA 747

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