BA Concorde Paper

I know the picture is bad. Sorry.

Today I received this (very old) booklet full of paper with the same ‘British Airways Concorde’ logo on it. The paper doesn’t have anything on it but if someone could put into context why and when they were given out that would be great.


Cool book! I’m guessing on an inaugural or last flight they were given out

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It’s probably worth something!


It was probably handed out to first class on the Concorde or something…
Like a souvenir

Most first-class products in that day and age had a writing kit with specially designed stationary exclusive to passengers. I believe Emirates still offers a writing kit for suites passengers.


I looked on eBay. It looks like other people are selling them for around $20. I don’t know how much you paid for it but that seems like a pretty good price. If this item is the “real deal” then that is pretty cool! Cool find.

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When you flew the Concorde you would get a lot of amenities. As Dan said it would have been for businessmen to make notes on and all that. There is lots of merchandise from the Concorde.


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