BA Club Europe A320 seating.

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The seats are the same as economy but the middle seat is empty. The food actually looks nice and I have a picture of what they served to my auntie when she flew from Gatwick to Tirana on club Europe. Are you flying from Heathrow or Gatwick?

For very premium-heavy routes, all BA has to do is move the curtain and block off some middle seats, and voilà, more CE to sell! That’s the most common reason why most European carriers have their regional business products as economy seats with the middle blocked – it’s so they have more flexibility in how many seats in each class they sell, which you can’t do with the recliners that a lot of US carriers offer. When one A320 may be flying to DUB, GLA, ORY, and GVA all in one day, with each destination offering different demand in CE, it saves more money to have less CE on flights to GLA (just as an example), then add more rows of CE for the ORY flight which has more demand for it. If it was all recliners, you could end up with completely full CE one flight and almost empty CE the next, with wasted space on those empty seats.

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tight legroom, ok food. Nice interiors! check out my trip report on it

Giving someone your BAEC number will not enable them to book seats reserved for golds.

What you mention are the old convertable seats where seats A/C D/F were widened and the middle B and E seats were narrowed. These convertable seats are gone now (except on the 7 remaining short haul 767 planes). The new seats introduced in 2014 are identical throughout the aircraft and are not widened in the CE cabin.

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They are pretty comfy. The food is very good, especially if coming from Italy. Note that you get it along with the price if you fly club. You’ll find that the middle seat is smaller, but it is not used so you can put bags etc in there.

A very nice seat. :)

The middle seat is no longer smaller as I noted above. The only exception to that are the remaining 7 short haul 767 aricraft which still have convertable seats.

Yeah I’ve done it a couple of times before to Stavanger and Palma Mallorca. There isn’t an awful lot different to Euro Traveller, apart from the middle seat is blocked giving you more elbow room. You don’t get any more legroom however - something which was taken away when BA fitted the slimlime seats on their short haul fleet.

Before you get on you get benefits such as fast track security at LGW and LHR (may be other airports as well not sure). You also get lounge access at LGW and LHR as well, and again not sure if you get it at other non-UK airports, quite possibly. At boarding, as you would expect, you’ll board with the rest of Club Europe and selected OneWorld members.

Personally I wouldn’t do it if it was any more than £40pp extra compared to Euro Traveller, though it’s still an alright product. :)

Yes,CE comes with fast track security at most airports (there are a few odd exceptions around Europe), and lounge access in to the business lounge before your flight. SVG where you went is an exception mainly because there is no lounge at all at SVG.

Flown BA Club world Europe on a couple of occasions in the A320 / A321. Same seats as rest of World Traveller accept that they keep the middle seat out of three empty, you get curtained off from the rest of the plebs as well as get better food and service.

However tbh for a short haul run I don’t mind going eco class however having lounge access before the flight is more important. Being in an airport normally is like trying to relax in a shopping centre!

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I’m fully aware of that , there is a certain way to do it thou with cash bookings … Done it many times before :)

Please send me a PM if you think you have found a method.

Will do when I get home ;)

They fly it to Amsterdam, the flight duration is 1 hour so it isn’t really a mid-haul plane at BA.

by the time they got the wheels up it is time to start your landing check list with a flight like that!! SAying that they are the sort of hops I am looking forward to when Big G comes out!

Some of the 767fleet is outfitted with specific mid-haul seats - so yes it is. It can fly three configurations …

This isn’t correct.

BA have recently had two configurations of 767:

  • the short haul/domestic ones which are set up with the usual short haul seats (the older convertable ones i mentioned up thread), there are 7 left and I think they will all be retired by the end of 2018
  • the long haul ones which had long haul seats with a club world cabin, world traveler plus cabin, and a world traveler cabin, these long haul 767 aircraft have all been retired since 2016

There are no long haul configured 767 aircraft at BA anymore. The remaining 7 are all short haul 767 aircraft.

Pulled directly from the BA website

It is not correct though. The long haul 767s are gone. They were gradually retired from 2013 onwards, and the last one went in 2016.