BA Club Europe A320 seating.

Has anyone ever flown with BA in the A320 Club Europe seat. I have just bought tickets club Europe (Business) to Barcelona with my air miles and wondered if anyone has flown A320 Business before with BA and have any feedback?


The seats are big, comfortable, and most come with IFE and a range of amenities. All around a great experience.

Edit: sorry, I was talking about long haul.


No they don’t - I think you’re talking about club world (long haul). The food is not great - mostly snack style lunch and a hot meal e.g. Stir fry. The best thing is the service and the lounges. You have access to the long haul longues and I often stuff my bag with food and drinks :). The flight attendants are great but I advice booking in advance or else it’s really not wroth the money

On the contrary, BA short haul business seats are small, uncomfortable, and has essentially the same amenities as Ryanair save for the meal.

My bad, that is what I was talking about. I’ll edit my post.

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They’re almost identicle to normal seats. They just curtain you off and offer a better service. However they are a little larger and the middle seat is not used (it becomes super tiny. Idk why they don’t just have seperate seats). Have a look yourself.


You will find that 1A ,1C , 1D and 1F are blocked off as they have extra leg room and you need to be executive club silver or gold for those , if you want i can give you my gold exec number so you can unlock those seats… 1A gets served first ( left hand side gets served first ) , so always select those so if certain meals are limited you get your choice first…

BA flyertalk is full of info , well worth a read !

The middle seat is used for kids if needed. If not it becomes a table with a slide on from the cabin crew. I don’t actually know if you book it seperately though

That seat map is not correct , BA changes the config on what the demand is for CE and ET , the maximum is 12 rows of CE on the A320 ! :)

It’s from BA itself so it must be correct most of the time. I did see less rows all the times I have flown though.

The only time I’ve seen club Europe is walking through it and it looked very posh.

Here’s a video on it. :) (That’s the new cabin layout)

Ahhh apologises , the image on first sight shows only three rows of CE , but after clicking the image it shows the correct 12 CE rows ! All seats on the aircraft have the same pitch and width so they only have to change the location of the curtain depending on what the loads is for each respective class. 12 rows of CE is pretty rare , the usual is about 4 rows … ( IME)

Moved from lounge to general. Anyone else got any views?

My question is, why didn’t you book with a 767🤔

It’s fine, nothing too fancy though, but great service.

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BA aide 767’s for mid-haul. Flights to north Africa e.g Egypt

But they don’t do they, they fly to Edinborough with them, please check your facts. Also the 767 is being phased out so they use it on shorter route🙄

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Are you sure you are talking about a 767?

They do fly to Edinburgh and Glasgow using the 767.

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My mistake then - I have never heard of them flying there before

They do, not updated BA website