BA Cityflyer Embraer 170

First of all, yes, there is another request for this though it is a year old and it doesn’t have much to it.

The BA Embraer 170 is a regional jet that serves Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva, Ibiza and Zurich from London City/Stansted as part of a 6-strong E170 fleet. The cabin features a 2-2 configuration, holding 76 passengers in either the UK Domestic cabin or the Euro Traveller and Club Europe cabin for overseas journeys. It is capable of flying just over 2,000 miles, with a maximum cruising speed of 481 knots/Mach 0.82.

This would be a lovely addition to the Embraer series on the sim alongside it’s sister aircraft the Embraer 190, hopefully sometime in the future if this model gets a rework.

Credit: Aircraft IT

pretty aircraft. This will surely be fun to see at LCY if this ever gets implemented…


Very pretty E-Jet. It wears this Livery very nicely.


Cool looking aircraft👌
BA’s livery really suits it well!


I love it! The BA livery goes with it so amazingly!


Would be great to come with an ERJ-rework, I like it ;)

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it’s like a baby E190 😱

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That’s exactly what it is!

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Reviving a bit of an old topic, however I feel this would be a great feature to add to IF, and have spared a vote. I have a few reasons for this;

  • With the addition of this livery, nearly all current British Airways Aircraft would be in the simulator. Many say why do we need this, if we have so many BA aircraft already? - well, wouldn’t it be amazing for IF to have the “claim to fame” that they have (almost) every single current BA aircraft in the sim? Adding this livery would help to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of British Airways’ fleet.

  • There are very few ERJ170 liveries currently in-game. Adding this livery would result in more choice in the simulator and possibly get more people flying this beautiful aircraft!

  • En E-Jet re-work is in high demand. During this re-work we may see some new liveries being added (as happened with the A32X rework), and who wouldn’t like to see the BA Cityflyer E170 in with those?

I hope you find my points both valid, and hopefully I’ll be able to revive a desire for this livery in the sim. I’d sure love to see it myself!

I’d really like to see a BA E170 in game, and you make some good points. However, the E-series in IF is old, older than the 737 series, which is the “oldest-quality” plane in-game to receive new liveries, without any rework, in the last year. I would be under the impression that the model would need a full rework before the Devs would consider adding new liveries. Of course, I’d be happy to be proved wrong, but maybe the Devs will turn to the E-series at some point for a rework.

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What would be even better:

New liveries coming with an E-Jet rework. I feel this could spark some new found interest into the E-Jet series.

I‘m desperately hoping for an E-Jet rework coming with a couple new liveries, and I really like the imagination of the Embraers with the CRJ quality. Nevertheless, I think another short-haul jet rework won’t come the next 12 months. :(

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There’s always hope!

I mean, come on, it’s more likely than the A350!


Sure it is😂 Mark would be happy! But there’s still the fact we are currently getting reworked/new regional jets. Maybe the devs will surprise us?😏

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I’d like to add my backing for some rework on the 170 bringing the BA livery to life would be awesome, it’s still a workhorse from EGLC amongst others. The 170 and 190 seem to render differently than the newer types, and seeing a nose leg off the ground when waiting on a runway looks a little weird…

A worthy thread, getting a worthy bump from me ;)


Very cute little aircraft! Would love to fly this to and from LCY.

This would come in the EJet rework that has been already requested.

But holy cow that building in the background of the pic looks like an amazing spotting location!

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It’s called London City Airport :^)

Would love to do some tricky landings with this little E-Jet.

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Oh duh lol

But why does it say welcome to Newham?

It’s just a borough of London. It manages the general area of London which happens to include LCY.

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