BA CityFlyer callsign?

I want to fly to London City with the BA Cityflyer “Flyer” callsign for the E190 but it seems as though I cannot find it. I doubt that it is not in the database because a very large portion of the IF community is from the UK. It was suggested it the request thread for databases but it was not put on the list. Can someone confirm that it is not on the list?

Well, it’s definitely there.

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Never mind I found it, it seems as though they put BA instead of British Airways. Don’t know why they did that.

Thanks for the help LordWizrak.

Just took a look on Wikipedia, it appears that it’s BA CityFlyer in-game, because it’s also BA CityFlyer in the real world, instead of British Airways.

Might want to contact Tom Stoddart (MD) to have the name changed if it’s a little too confusing, contacting the moderators might not be enough :P

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It isn’t it is all good, I just wish that all callsigns of the same company were together to make it easier to find the callsign you want but I guess having the exact name works as well even though I disagree with it.

We go by the name of the airline. CityFlyer’s company name is registered as “BA CityFlyer” so this is correct.

That said, we are working on improvements to the callsign selection page, the list has grown massively recently and we would like to improve the experience there. Thanks!


same thing with Embry-Riddle. I can’t seem to find the callsign anymore. I saw it before but now it is gone.

That sounds great! That will help a lot, I am excited to see what comes next.

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