BA appears to switch 787-9s for more -8s

British Airways appears to have reduced the number of Boeing 787-9s it expects to receive, according to parent IAG’s latest fleet plan.

BA has eight 787-8s in service but the outstanding number on order has been raised from one to four.

These four 787-8s, plus the two remaining 787-9s and the 12 787-10s on order are all scheduled for delivery between 2017 and 2021.


guess it depends on delivery dates, BA planning to retire more of the B744s so need to replace them with the B787’s. If a longer waiting list for the -9’s and -10’s then makes sense to up the order on the -8’s.


Good move BA. The 788 is the best imo


This doesn’t surprise me, their additions of AUS and MSY are a HUGE success. This allows more mid market additions for BA.

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