BA and IFSIM in NYC @ KJFK - 202000ZMAY17

He already has a gate assigned

Speedbird 24 (Heavy)

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Speedbird 147 sir, thank you

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Can I have a gate please

Take T7 G12 please, and you call sign Speedbird 5469 (PM me if you don’t know how to find speedbird)

@Matt_Elphick take T7 G01

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Contact @_keithjames99 or @Sagar_Vinod for any IFSIM questions

Yes Please. Can I have a gate.

T8 G01 for you please, take speedbird 1986

@Insertusernamehere Hey could u please give me the slack link? Please

I am coming to the event sing me up

T8 G02 callsign Speedbird 2343 please

I’ll be coming. I’m guessing I’m T8 G03.

Well you’re right! Speedbird 4349 for you please :)

Can I have a gate please - Speedbird 159

Speedbird 202 will come to this

I will be attending, and hopefully will be your ATC at somepoint lol… if that falls though could please I get a gate? (I am already part of IFSIM. Keith didnt reconize me lmao)

He will give you a gate soon. If you want to be ATC you can apply at

please can I join, my call sign is Speedbird 2006

Speedbird 202 can i have a gate?