BA and IFSIM in NYC @ KJFK - 202000ZMAY17

Server: Casual

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM IFSIM will be providing VATC services. Make sure you will be able to talk and listen to ATC. I will PM discord links. KJFK-KSWF-KWRI. You must speak reasonable English

IFSIM is a group that provides VATC (Verbal ATC) over discord voice chat, allowing for more realism and making ATC more sociable. They are run by Keith James.

Come and join BAVA and IFSIM VATC services flying around the New York region! Come in any BA plane and join us from KJFK up to KSWF then down to KWRI. DEL (Clearance delivery), GND, TWR, and radar services will be provided. (DEL is simply requesting your flight plan). Make sure to file a flight plan in #ffs on the discord.

Gates and callsigns, request callsign below: (If you are not part of BAVA then you must have a callsign Speedbird then 4 digits to differentiate from BAVA pilots with 2 or 3)
T7 G01 @ Matt_Elphick Speedbird 2
T7 G02
T7 G03 @_keithjames99 (IFSIM president) IFSIM01
T7 G04 @Captain_Darragh1 Speedbird 6
T7 G05 @Nab2914 Speedbird 15
T7 G06 @KoolKidRayJ Speedbird 2164
T7 G07 @Milen_Jacob Speedbird 105
T7 G08 @Lucas_Dominguez Speedbird 147
T7 G09 @BaguetteMatty Speedbird 24
T7 G10 @SirBinary Speedbird 23
T7 G11 @Yabuddyy Speedbird 2790
T7 G12 @Hugh_Cooper Speedbird 5469
T8 G01 @ John_Ryan Speedbird 1986
T8 G02 @ futuregamer Speedbird 2343
T8 G03 @ luke_infinite_flight Speedbird 4349

Gates added as necessary


Speedbird 15 will try to come


May I join in this event?

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Of course, take T7 G02 (plane must be BA livery)

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Speedbird 105 , I’ll join you…

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Roger, take T7 G03 please


I’ll be speedbird 2164


Can I get a gate please


T7 G04 for you please, callsign?

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It’s Speedbird 6 thanks


I want to reserve one, I’am a Senior Comercial Captain at BAVA (SPEEDBIRD 147), I’am the SARD at IFSIM too

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Speedbird 23 will come

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I’ll try to come. Put me on the list and if I’m unable I will give you a heads up.

I’ll be speedbird 2790

T7 Gate 9 for ya, callsign?

T7 G08 for you please, callsign?

T7 G10 please, callsign?

T7 G11 for you please

@Nab2914 @KoolKidRayJ @Milen_Jacob You have been moved as G01,2,3 are for SLT members at BAVA or IFSIM senior staff members only. @Nab2914 is now G05, @KoolKidRayJ G06 & @Milen_Jacob G07. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Contact @insertusernamehere for a gate