[BA A35K] Deice Shots @ CYYZ | December 1st, 2019

The harsh Canadian winter has begun at Pearson. Last week, the second huge storm of the season blew in. While Pearson has very few good spots for regular spotting, we do have an easily accessible Deice Pad.

This is a collection of night shots only. The storm made it impossible to get good shots during the day.

Check the Visibility Here

His front lander is literally a foglight.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s check out this mass operation at Pearson.


Camera: Nikon D7500
Lens: Tamron 100-400 VC USD
Tripod: Manfrotto Element

Quick disclaimer: I’m still learning long exposures, the ground was pure mud and the wind was high (25 knots). Also you might see some fence in a few if you look closely, I had to keep my lens hood on because I didn’t want the freezing rain to damage my front element, so I was a bit further from the fence than I would’ve liked to been. For you nitpicky people some of the photos have tilted poles, I’m not sure why CDF is tilted but I’d assume for drainage, I just edited them like the planes were flat because I think it looks better.

This is the aircraft I came for since I missed it last time. This one happens to be brand new.

Sunwing has acquired so many leased aircraft that every aircraft looks different from all the others now.

941 is definitely the better looking of the two AC Star Alliance A330s, but you can’t tell from this angle.

Rouge 767s love to use the pad closest to the fence for some reason. But hey, I’m not complaining.

I’m not sure what you guys think of this shot but I love the low-vis effect.

I would’ve liked to see a 747 here but KLM decided to send a 77W today for some reason.

Pilots busy in the cockpit while 937 gets deiced for her flight to YUL.

For some reason I never realized that the pilots shut off the engine while the plane is being deiced. Saves 30 minutes of fuel I guess.

Both Lingus and Lufty pulled into deicing pads way too far away to see well in this visibility but I tried to salvage some stuff.

Which was your favorite?

  • BA A35K
  • Sunwing B738
  • Air Canada A330 [Star Alliance]
  • Rouge B763 (1)
  • Rouge B763 (2)
  • KLM B77W
  • AC A330 [Old Livery]
  • AC A330 Engine
  • Aer Lingus

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That BA A350-1000 shot is stunning! Although JFK isn’t and won’t be getting any British Airways A350s anytime soon, I can’t wait to see it come into VOBL in the wee hours of the morning!


Ummm… Wow :)

Amazing Shots!



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Orrrrrr, you could drive up 9 hours to come see it here :p

Thanks guys


Sick shots bud

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Wow, those are some truly amazing shots there 😍 I better hide my lousy daylight deicing shots with this competition lol

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Those shots are stunning!

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What are you even talking about your day shots are insane! Thanks tho :)

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Amazing is an understatement.


Heheh thank you

I’m impressed. Nice shots Wu!

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These are really nice pictures. You’re really good with the angles!

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These are just stunning. I never thought nighttime photos could be as good, if not better than daytime ones. And these are far better than their daytime comrades. Awesome job, these are amazing!

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Heart = broken 😭😂


Daytime in general, yours are great. 😉


Beautiful pictures, checking out ur others now

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YYZ is A350 city. They have so many A350’s from all over the world. Great photos! ❤

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Wow that BA 35k is stunning 😍
Wish I was back in Toronto right now.


Nice shots Andrew!!

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