Ba A320 and Wizz Air a321 best seats?

Hello everyone, in a months time in flying down to Tirana and back on British airways and wizz air. I’m going to revserve my seat but I haven’t flown ba for 3 years now and I need to find a good seat and I’ve never flown wizz air and I’m flying on their A321 if I’m not mistaken.

Someone correct me if I’m flying on the wizz air A320

LTN-TIA is operated by the A320. Im also flying Wizz to and from TIA next month same aircraft 👌🏻


Try checking for seat recomendations. I use them when I’m travelling to get the best seat possible.

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I must be flying the wizz a321. The a320 only has 30 rows and on seat guru it shows the a321 has 39 rows

Occasionally its also operated by the A321, so you must be right

On BA it’s the exit row seats. Other than that they are all pretty much the same on the A320

Well that’s simple bro, always when I have to choose my seats I always choose Alpha or Foxtrot 😁

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