BA 777-200ER EGLL to EGFF

Today I flew another BA777-200ER to Cardiff for storage, Cardiff airport is home to British airways heavy maintenance facility. Currently there are 8 747’s 3 777’s and 2 787’s at Cardiff for storage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cardiff Airport can handle all sizes of aircraft in service even the A380 however the most frequent visitor is the 747 as the majority of British airways’ fleet of them get their deep service there. I hope you enjoy these screenshots!

Taken at 🕰 13:30bst on the expert server

Taxiing to runway 27R

Singapore A380 spotted as I was holding short of 27L

Ready to line up after this Aer Lingus arrival

Gear down On final to runway 30 at Cardiff

On short final

Touchdown after a short hop of 30 minutes


Lovely photos! 👏

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Thank you!

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Wow, they are some great pictures :)

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Thanks a lot I tried to get some good shots!