BA 747 farewell event with Finnair Virtual

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These photos are from an internal event in Finnair Virtual. We flew the 747 from EGLL-KMIA to say farewell to this amazing aeroplane. After takeoff we looped around and flew back over Heathrow before departing to Miami. I hope that you enjoy the photos!



Server: Expert
Route: EGLL-KMIA (BAW207)
Aircraft: British Airways Boeing 747-400
Time: 2200Z-0830Z


(1) Sitting at the gate with a BA A320 in the background.

(2) Taxi

(3) Rotate!

(4) Climbing away from Heathrowimage

(5) Flying back over LHR

(6) Cruise

(7) On final runway 8R at KMIA

(8) The queen of the skies at the end of her flight!

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Great Photos, William! We hope you enjoyed.

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