BA 747 EGLL-KSAN FlightSimEXPO Kickoff!

To kick off the Flight Sim Expo, I decided to start this event with something special to me:

Everyone has that one aviation related moment that they’ll never forget. Out of all the things I’ve seen over the years, I take you back a couple of years to my first time visiting San Diego. I lived almost all of my life in Florida, I can say without a doubt the final approach into KSAN is absolutely amazing! A couple of days into my vacation there, my dad and I were walking near the harbor. I instantly recognized the sound of a large aircraft in the distance. Looking over my shoulder, there it was. On a beautiful summer day, British Airways 747-400 on final approach. I couldn’t believe it. Watching the queen elegantly float down to the runway over the hills is something I’ll never forget.

Here are the flight details,
Aircraft/ Livery: British Airways 747-400
Flight Time/ Server: 10:30hrs/ Expert


now this is what i call high quality XD

I hope you buttered

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I had to have atc let me know I’ve touched down, it was so soft.

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I’m actually more curious on how you managed to get the old 737 cockpit…

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Freecam traveled into the cockpit.

interesting… I always get the reworked cockpit with white screens (tho I don’t think I’ve tried on an another player’s 737 yet)

Man i wish I can and will be trying that route from EGLL-KSAN but it will be on a B787 since the B747-400 retired in the British Airways Fleet. But nice memory that you shared right there

Awesome photos!! I love the window shot!