B78X Sunrise at Abu Dhabi to Bahrain

  • Server Expert
  • Route OMAA to OBBI
  • flight time 1:30 Min
    First flight with @Etihad_Virtual

Spawning in at Abu Dhabi to a sunrise

Holding short of runway 13R to prepare to take off.

Lifting off of Runway 13R angle 1

Lifting off of Runway 13R angle 2

The desserts of UAE

Flying over the Yas Marina Circuit which Etihad is the Title sponsor of during the F1 week

Left the UAE and entering the Persian Gulf

Flying by Doha,Qatar.

Landing at Manama Airport buttering it.

Parked at the Gate!

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That looks like it was a nice sunrise. Hope you enjoyed that flight also!

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Yep I did!!

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This picture is one of my favorites on this list.

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Nice pictures! I especially like the landing one!

It’s not Manama Airport. It’s not actually in Manama. It’s in Muharraq and it’s called the Bahrain International Airport. It is very close to Manama however.


Am I the only one that noticed that there is a gear tilt on the landing?

I am running 21.1 beta so the gear tilt is visible for the B787 Family.

Nicely done! great job over Persian gulf

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Thank you!!

Nice! I didn’t know that.

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just wow 😮

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Thank you 😊

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Yup, absolutely correct.