B789 no gear from ATC view

This is what I saw from ZBAA tower, this Boeing 789’s landing gear doesn’t show since its final approach. Could this be an issue?


Most likely a network problem, have you tried anything to fix it so far?
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Happens sometimes, i’d say just ignore it

I doubt that the pilot may forget to release landing gear and hesitating to ask for going around…-_-\

If it is really a network problem I have nothing to do to fix because my Internet access indeed becomes unstable sometimes.

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What server was this on?

Server makes no different with these problems :)

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Training server

I believe this is because of the LOD (Level of detail). To not make the game too heavy for devices, some parts of the airplane will disappear, like control surfaces movement, and apparently landing gear. This has most likely nothing to do with your internet connection, so don’t worry too much about that😁

I mean it could be entirely possible that this guy forgot to use Landing gear lol

Lol yeah, but he’s literally floating here

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It is probably an issue with the LOD or network. Look, leave it alone, and if it fixes itself then all good, end of story. If not, we can try something else
If your internet is unstable, try moving closer to the router if possible whilst using Infinite Flight.

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