B788 Pitch at Cruising

Thank you !


One last thing, you should adjust your trim until you don’t see the pink line on the box.

ok! just did it

You may be too high for the amount of fuel you have

No, 25% load at FL400 should be fine.

Yes but for future flights, for example, a 14hr flight, if you start at FL400 your aircraft could stall.

Also, How close is toooooo close for aircraft to be cruising. I’m flying LAX --> JFK right now and a plane right next to me at 7NM is flying that too. I think that’s too close.

The minimum requirements for aircraft separation at cruise are 5 nautical miles (nm) and 1,000 feet vertically.

Ok good! Cuz many times at cruising I have a plane skid past my right or left cockpit view at 2NM and I fail like dat.

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