B787Fan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello Communtiy!! I’m hoping to become an IFATC one day and I am creating this to help with my ATC!! Constructive Criticism always accepted I will do my best at Atc! If you want to come do some patterns come do it! If you are an inbound or departing plane I’d gladly have you!
Departing and Arrival Runways - 18R 18C 18L
Current username - B787Fan
My Operations - 171
Location: Memphis International KMEM
Server: Training Server
Frequencies:Ground and Tower

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I’m on holiday so I won’t be able to fly (well I can using mobile data, and plus I’m in a car so RIP my flying 😂)

Best of luck! I hope you get your operations up! I have around 2,000!


I am coming!

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Awesome! Can’t wait to see you there!

I only have casual service because I am grade 1. Sorry
But I hope one day when I am grade 2 you are able to be ATC on my flight .
Good luck👌

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Aww man! Well hopefully you can get to grade 2 soon!

Thanks man

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Hi 👋 @B787fan

Thanks for your service, i really enjoyed it along with the great scenery KSLC has to offer.

Just two things for the next time:

  1. When the 737 was 1nm behind me you told him to do a 360 but it would be better to tell him to go around as it would give myself more space in front as when he is doing his 360 the speed he is going he could’ve crashed into me. So when two aircraft are very close on final you would tell them to go around instead.

  2. Be careful when you send the Exit Runway message as I was still at 20ft in the air.

Otherwise it was great enjoyed your service


Thank you for coming out and I’ll work on that! From my view it looked like you were on the ground 😂


Just wait until I get to a certain speed 45kts and then send it. Thanks again 😀

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Hello Boeing787fan! My name is Humars and my callsign is N687HS, I was one of the attendants for your session today. It’s been a netural flight (means it was good and bad simultaneously), but not to forget here’s your general feedback:


You did fantastic/wonderful! All responses were handled correctly in a timely manner!


When I was on final behind the TBM-930 it would have been better for me to go around instead of doing a three sixty (360) (like what AviatorJackYT said).

Otherwise, you did fantastic/wonderful and hope to see you in your next session!

P.S.: I deeply apologize for the mistakes I’ve accidentally made during the session. I was a bit rusty there which caused many things and in the end it caused me to crash :/.

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Your all good! I reminded you that you weren’t clear for Runway 17!! Haha!! thank you for coming out and giving feedback!! I much appreciate it!!

Yeah, my rusty brain won today unfortunately… for now of course.

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KSLC will be closing in 5 Minutes!

KSLC Is Now Closed! Thank you to all who came out today! It’s much appreciated!! I will do more Atc soon!!!

This can be closed now, I have become IFATC ;)
Thanks to the people who helped me along the way!!


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