B787FAN Grade 5 Flight @ KLAX - 021600ZOCT16

I know its long overdue for me to hit grade 5 with how much I fly in IF. But it is finally time for me to hit it. If you would like to join me please do I will provide you with all the information of my flight.

Server: Expert

Region: Southern California Area

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1600Z


I will be doing a 341NM flightplan from KLAX to KSAN. This is my usual KLAX-KSAN fpl
Spawning at 11:55AM EST for preflight checks and setup.
Pushing back from American Cargo Apron 941 @ 12:00PM EST
Departing from RWY25R
Climbing to FL320 at 280kts 3,500VS
Cruise Speed .85M
Beginning descent at 120NM, VS of -1800
Parking at Terminal 1 Gate 14
Flight should take ~46mins

This flight will get me to Grade 5. If you see me flying online from now til the event, I am getting my flight time down.


I will try to come

Best of luck to you!

ofcourse u can count me in bro

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Congratulations, I know the feeling. I just finished a run that allowed me to hit the 5.

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Actually, I can’t come. It’ll be 4 am for me :(

If I can keep my grade 5 for 3 more hours I’ll be there…haha.

Zello Channel by any chance? If so what channel?

Hey @Alan_Perez @mike_mclain @Nate, nice to share this long haul flight with you all! Blue skies!😀👍

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Thanks for the support and the flight guys!!

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See you soon in the skies!

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That was fun, my phone connection was lost on approach, fly with you all later


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