Guys would Boeing make B787F? And if they did will it be worth money

No they would not because the 748f is way better and so they would not make this

Not anytime soon. Eventually it can happen but Boeing has to get the 787/10 out of the doors and well into production before 787F would be feasible. Icould see it happening though.

737s will likely all be conversions IMO. Not wotth building factory freighters

No, because they’re still producing the 777F.

They wouldn’t make the 787F until the 777F stops production (basically what Laurens said)

I would love to see a FedEx 787!


Or DHL! (Filler)

Oh boy I wish this was real and not just FSX!

Once Russia takes over the cargo plane market there will be no need for a 787F anyway (joke, but you know what they say, many a true word spoken in jest)

As the B787 is replacing the B767 (ish) would expect the B787F to arrive towards end of the B767F run.