B787 very sensitive to the controls

Does anyone else feels the new 787 too sensitive to pitch controls, unlike the A319 and others?

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Not for me, personally I find myself struggling to turn.


Its too sensitive. Even the slightest pull up just sends the aircraft up like a bullet, at 140kts.
The A319 is way less sensitive and easier to control.

Not for me, flying just fine

Check in setting you don’t have your device sensitivity to high

yea cuz you mainly fly the pencil

Well true xD

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I have it on the default settings, a bit over medium, and the A319 flies extremely well, while the 787 is very jolty.

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Try adding weight to the aircraft that might help it be less sensitive :)

Have you checked your aircraft weigh?

Couple of things to resolve this.

Firstly, I am sure you have tried this but, the controller sensitivity can be changed in your settings menu.

Next, you can manually tweak sensitivity in your settings too.

Finally, weight and balance majorly contributes to an aircraft’s maneuverability, so check that too.

Default, no tweakings.

Regarding the weight and balance, I compared both the 789 and 772ER, and the latter is heavier on the controls, while the 787 feels lighter in that aspect.

Go to Settings and change this

You can also change it in the settings / controls page.

About the 787 going straight up at 140kts, what weight were you at?


I just tried on the -8 right now it’s fine, I can jolt the yoke front and back, I really have to insist to make it go up, and even then, it stalls way before I can reach anything beyond 15 degrees AOA.


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Not at all (at least for me)

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look at your weight

It was light weight. Then I changed it to normal, but it was still the same. I don’t know why its like that. But the controls of the 787-9 feel very light when compared to other planes. At least on my end.

Actually… Go to solo and do several flights…i felt the same at first…yes i agree its sensitive but with practice you’ll find it awesome…