B787 tilt wheel issue

b787 tilt wheel issue

Hello I have been facing this issue for several versions and it is still not fixed, if this issue has been reported please tell me, If this issue is not resolved then I will report it. This is a problem with the B787 family while takeoff and storing the gear, the problem is that the gear will flash, if you can’t see it, watch the video at the link above. Notice that at 0:08 you can see how the gear has a problem.

Thank you

Device: iPhone 8 Plus
Operating system: IOS 15.3.1


Hey there!

I just tried reproducing the issue and, as far as I can tell, this bug in the animation only happens in Replay mode, the animation plays fine in-flight.

I believe various issues related to gear tilt have been reported, however, it may take the developers quite some time to find the exact cause and fix it, simply because graphics development is hard. I understand it’s an annoying bug, especially if you like uploading IF videos to YouTube; but fixing it may be a very time-consuming and frustrating process.

I’m sure the developers won’t miss this bug report, for now, my best advice for the time being is to just bear with them.

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Hey :)

When I‘m doing movies for other VA‘s, you‘re right it‘s hard to replay especially with this awesome 787! But this happens only in replay mode.

In-Flight it works perfectly and this is known as an issue since they update the tilted gear.

But it doesn’t matter its just a little bug, what’s important is that the tilted gear works when you‘re landing XD


That’s right. I waited for a fix on landing and the wheel broke into the runway was fixed.

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