B787 Rare Route For The Plane

Today I did a flight that I was surprised to see the B787 fly the most famous TS route LAX-SFO


•Flight time: 1H47MN
•United airlines

Here they are:

Parked At Tom Bradley

Takeoff with B777-300 KLM, 737-700 Southwest (Shamu Livery) and Plane seconds from soft or bumpy landing

Crusing at FL340

Final For 28R and plane preparing for takeoff






I am absolutely sure there was a runway incursion involved in image 2.

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Do you mean the plane moments from touching down

No. The second picture. With the KLM 777.


Given the position of your aircraft, and the position of the KLM 777, there’s no way the KLM 777 could have crossed the runway to that point without your aircraft still being on the runway.


Interesting… probably I will do a flight later with the same aircraft

”Set TOGA for runway crossing“ ;)

Do agree with you though.

Is there even TOGA on a Boeing?

@Helicopterzzz: Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

Also the shamu seems dangerously close to being over the line. Hopefully he was stopped… 😂

He looks like he was already across. He might have been holding for 07L/25R.