B787 or A380 better to fly with

With which of these do you flown with and which was better ?
Please vote just when you flown with both of these aircrafts.

  • A380-800
  • B787-8/9

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a380 because Airbus is bae.


Are you doing this for travel planning? If so, what airline.

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Dreamliner ANA and A380 emirates but i am mlre looking to the quality of aircraft and not much airline @777-200LR

If it’s not Boeing, I ain’t going


This is not an Airbus v Boeing topic.


That makes a difference. ANA operates the Dreamliner with a 2-4-2 configuration, resulting in 19 inch wide seats, and 34 inch pitch, making the most comfortable Dreamliner seat. Other companies operate 3-3-3, with 17.5 inch width and 32 inch pitch. Dreamliners also have the lowest cabin altitude, biggest windows, and are very quite. Emirates service may be a little better, but there is a lot more people on that plane. They operate 3-4-3 configuration, with 17.5 inches width and 33 inch pitch. Dreamliners main focus is comfort and efficiency, while the A380 is capacity. The IFE on ANA isn’t that good, but much better on other Dreamliner operators, like United. Emirates is known for really good food too, so that is a plus.


With all due respect, these X v. Y threads are turning rather tiresome.


Quality is definitely the A380, by far, no matter what airline
Comfort and or modernness, is very understandably the 787, due to it’s release

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The 787 Needs work on the cruise speed the overspeed is to low and the aircraft flies in high AoA

B787-8 because it’s probably the easiest plane in the game to fly with and the cockpit is beautiful, and the wing flex is incredible! It ascends very quickly and it descends very quickly, I normally land at around 150-180mph and it take off around 160-180mph and I cruise at about 345mph

The A380 is my opinion

I am getting sick and tired of these polls. Not just you but quite a few people have been creating useless and meaning less polls in the last few days.

I think he is talking which is better to travel on, real world aviation, not in Infinite Flight.

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As a direct comparison, I’ve flown in both the British Airways and Qatar Airways 787 + A380.
Both are a vast improvement over the A330s and 777s, but the larger A380 cabin just feels nicer to be in. Plus more space to walk around and stretch your legs.
That being said, the 787 is still a very nice plane to travel in.
With the A380 / A350 / 787 we are actually lucky to have a choice of modern planes which are comfy and quiet. Good times.

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I like how everyone gets so angry when they see these topics. If you don’t like it, just ignore it😉

That is one of the toughest choices… ahhhh, this is tearing me apart! But sorry A380 I might have to go with the 789 on this one.

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ANA has reconfigured their 787s to the common 3-3-3 layout but has increased seat pitch to 34 inches, leaving JAL as the only remaining 787 operator with a 2-4-2 economy configuration.

Please create topics with more substance.