B787 minding it's own business

I’ve always seen this with 787s in IF, when taking off, at or around ~130-150kts the nose starts lifting up for some reason, I’ve even trusted it and took off wayy before VR thinking the Aircraft knows better and ended up stalling and crashed😂 I’m dumb, why does this happen and how do I fix it?

Did you calibrate your device?

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I recommend calibrating just before entering the runway or hold the nose of the aircraft down a little, the B787 controls are very sensitive for a being a heavy. If these don’t work, add negative trim to compensate for the nose rising.

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Yes I do that at least 5times before takeoff

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I could do that but then the flying part would be messed up

This what I do to fix it

Well, if holding the nose down is working for you, then you shouldn’t be having any problems now, are you?

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Well, yes but I thought it was a problem with the Aircraft or something like that and wanted to know why that happened

What’s your trim like? Maybe you are add too much trim.

33% trim, I was quite heavy, so I had to

33%… I don’t think I have ever used up to that on a 787 . Maybe you should try lowering it and see how it goes.

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Hmm makes sense, I shall not exceed 20% next time

The slight movement on your device back can cause the nose to move up before you should, simply set a takeoff trim between like 15-35% depending on aircraft and weight, and as said above calibrate your device and lean it forward, so the stabilizers are creating “Negative” life or whatever, it’ll keep the nose wheel down and once you’re at VR or about to be there, slowly pull back on your device to gently lift the aircraft up

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The 787 always wants to takeoff, I always put a bit of pressure into the ground to stop it from rotating until my takeoff speed where you have to slowly rotate because it starts to shoot up in the air


I had the exact same thing the other day. Tried everything people have suggested and it didn’t work. Was on 0% trim aswell. Don’t know what’s going on.

Maybe off winds what I usually do with all my take off s I press my elevators down so that plane stays on the runway til 160 kts then I take off for all when u have cross winds.

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